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Hello there! This is a post about something that I just really need to get off my chest!!

Yes, these pictures are me. No, they are not edited at all - this is just me.

I am 15 years old, 5’1”, and I weigh 83lbs.

I am not anorexic, nor do I have any other sort of eating disorder or condition that causes me to be this skinny. I eat like a pig, and most everything I eat is fattening and full of calories.

Now, here’s my point:

Please, please, please, PLEASE. Stop. Shaming. Skinny. People.

Look, I understand and love every post I see supporting bigger people (trust me, I think a little chub is super attractive!) but it’s when I see comments like "Skinny people have it easy" or "Skinny girls don’t get bullied"  That’s when I have a problem.

I am asked almost every. Fucking. Day. If I eat. I understand the concern, but can we please let go of the assumption that every skinny person ever has an eating disorder?

Also, the whole, “Skinny girls aren’t beautiful! They’re all fake and plastic!”

That really hurts. A lot.

So, can we please spread a little awareness about this? Thanks!

The lack of notes on this is disturbing

I agree with the op whole heartedly!! My whole life I always get “you’re so skinny! You can’t complain” or “you’re in shape look how thin you are” or “Hun you should eat more get some meat on them bones” but believe me I /eat/ friends. I eat a lot. I totally agree with the op because I’ve been there!

i think everyone is beautiful and any type of body shaming is wrong. just be a nice person and your beauty shines brighter than your body

I get this all the time. I hope you know that I eat and snack ALL THE TIME! 

YES THANK YOU. This is me. I’m 19 weigh somewhere fluctuating between 105-118 pounds and i’m 5’6. All i ever see all over facebook and other social media is this random hate for people who are skinny, but then all this praise for others who are overweight or bigger  etc.

I really don’t think people understand how much it hurts to hear those negative comments for something i can’t control (because i eat A LOT) but then support another weight issue which in most cases CAN be controlled (not saying all people who are fat can help it).

It’s just really upsetting and i hope this gets more notes! 

Finally people who actually understand, I’m 5’5 and only weigh 101.4 pounds .. I eat a lot, I just don’t gain weight, just like my sister doesn’t and my mom didn’t until she got over 40, and I’m 23 now

Being skinny isn’t always something you choose, and even if it is, why do people always have the need to drag you down ?

It just upsets me a lot that many chubby girls pick on skinny girls , like , you know what it’s like to be mocked , why would you do that to someone else who’s in the same pain as you are ?

Everybody is starting with just, accepting bigger bodies, curvy = beautiful (or at least,that’s what I see around me ) and meanwhile , the skinny girls are getting double the shit now , and even tho people are like, NO WAY skinny girls are all good in the media and you all get compliments and shit, we don’t,

Even in the media people are more focusing on how curvy bodies are better and healthier and on how ‘fake’ and ugly skinny bodies are, so please
It would be nice if everybody would know how it’s like to be like this

I grew up hearing how I must be anorexic, probably don’t eat anything and look like a skeleton , or how people can break me into two. I was avoided and always got mocked, even made fun of for not having much of a female body, since being skinny kinda makes me have a very small chest. I am ridiculously insecure because all of this, I will -never- truly believe anyone who would say that I’ve got a beautiful body and that’s beyond sad

  • fat women:

    *gets shit on by peers, media, the fashion industry, products and marketing*

  • skinny women:

    *praised by literally everyone*

  • skinny women:

    *doesn't say shit while fat women are being put down*

  • Nicki:

    fuck skinny bitches

  • skinny women:

    what the FUCK what htE FUCK??? YOU ARE Nt gonna get ANYhwer by shMING ANY body type...we have to LOVE evyer,,,one!!!!1111

  • Biggest bullshit ever

  • Skinny people get picked on just as often as anyone else

  • I grew up being told I was a living skeleton, an anorexic kid, how I probably didn't get any food at home and looked like as if I could just break in two

  • They all mocked me and made me feel horrible about being skinny, when it was never my choice to be this thin and no matter how I tried, I just cannot gain weight

  • So really, to everybody who feels like trashing skinny people because we ''are praised by literally everyone'' , go fuck yourself and get your god damn facts straight

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